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Of the Land Deeds and Treaty's of one that I am Sure of the Signature of Jean Baptist (Bt) Sans Crainte or his son of the same name Is The "Treaty Of Greenville" . This Signature is compared to others that I believe to be valid for The father or Son, one or more of these Papers ( First Nation deeds) are probably attributed to both

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Pierre Roy, was at Detroit before Cadillac (Pontiac was a Typo) and he married a Miami named Margaret Ouabankikoue

It was Said That Pierre Roy, My Ancestor, was at Detroit before Cadillac (Pontiac was a typo) and he married a Miami named Margaret Ouabankikoue, this was told to me by my father as a child and the marriage was confirmed to me much later in life , now i have found the evidence that shows he was at Detroit before Cadillac.
From the evidence below it is clear to me that the father of the Detroit Pierre Roy traveled to the Detroit area more than once and probably brought his son, who would of been old enough to get involved romantically, my father did mention Belle Isle but said "our people came from the Island just south of there" This is further substantiated by the record of  M. Louis Joliet  (the first explorer who passed up Detroit River) his 
account also below
"1668. — Claude Dablon and Jaques Marquette established a permanent
mission at Sault St. Marie, and during the succeeding five years
Allouez, Dablon and Marquette explored the south shore of Lake
Superior and west of Lake Michigan, founded the missions at
Michilmackinac and Green Bay, (the " Baie-des-Puens " of the
French.) Dollier and Galina erect a cross at the foot of Belle Isle,
engraving thereon the French coat of arms. They left Pierre Roy
and Francois Pelletre."Digitized by the Internet Archive
in 2008 with funding from Microsoft Corporation
IN THE History of the Northwest Territory AND WAYNE COUNTY.

"Even Though the date is to early for this Pierre Roy that was at Detroit (Belle Isle)
 in 1668 while they were setting up missions in the territory and erected a cross and 
the French coat of Arms, This counter-dicks Cadillac and the Authors  statements that
no one has ever visited this part of the country before 

Historical Collections, Volume 33 (Google eBook)

Front Cover

The Society, 1904 - Michigan
"Pierre Roy / LeRoy / Royer / Poitevin / St.Lambert: (1638/42 - 1721) 
He was the son of Charles Roy & Jeanne Boyer, born in La Rochelle, France. Pierre married Catherine Ducharme (daughter of Jean DuCharme & Ann Lelievre) in 1672 at Montreal. Their children were: Marguerite (1674-1749), Anne (1676-1729) (m. Andre Babeu/Beauf in 1689), Pierre II (1676-1743) (m. 1st. to Marguerite Ouankikove/Ouabankiknove in 1705 and 2nd. to Marie-Angelique Faye-Lafaillette)

Pierre I was hired in 1692 by the Jesuits to go to the 8ta8ois and in 1696
 he was hired by Dumez, Trudeau & Benoit to the same tribe"

Landmarks of Wayne County and Detroit.
Robert B. Ross;view=fulltext
"M. Louis Joliet was the first explorer who passed up Detroit River"
"We the undersigned, certify that we have seen the arms of the king of France set up on the lands of the lake called Erie, at the foot of a cross with this inscription: ' The year of salvation 1669..."

 "M. Louis Joliet was the first explorer who passed up Detroit River and left a clear record of the trip. He made a trip from La Chine, above Montreal, to Niagara in July, 1669, and after visiting several Indian villages of the Senecas in that vicinty, he set out with three canoes and a company of seven men for a voyage of discovery. In his party were Fathers Galinee and Dollier, two priests of St. Sulpice; they made the trip in safety and passed up the Detroit River to Lake St. Clair early in 1670. Reports of their discoveries are but meager, but in the preserved correspondence of Father Gallinee there is an account of their discovery of an idol on the banks of the Detroit River, about six leagues from Lake Erie, at or near the site of the city of Detroit. It was a carved stone image, which the Indians undertook to propitiate by offerings, as it was supposed to exercise some influence over Lake Erie. The pious fathers fell upon it with great zeal and destroyed it at the expense of their hatchets, subsequently scattering the fragments in the river. Their pious zeal destroyed what would have proved a most interesting relic for the Detroit museum. A stone idol in this part of the country would appear to be a relic of a race much older than 10
Page  11the Indians who occupied the territory when the French arrived-a race whose relics are rare and highly esteemed by archaeologists. They prepared the following certificate of discovery while on this trip and it was filed in the archives of state at Quebec. "We the undersigned, certify that we have seen the arms of the king of France set up on the lands of the lake called Erie, at the foot of a cross with this inscription: ' The year of salvation 1669, Clement IX being seated in the chair of St Peter, Louis XIV reigning in France, Monsieur de Courcelles being governor of New France, and Monsieur Talon being intendant for the king, two missionaries from the seminary of Montreal having arrived at this place, accompanied by seven other Frenchmen, who, the first of all the European nations, have witnessed on this lake, of which they have taken possession in the name of their king as an unoccupied land, by setting up his arms which they have affixed at the foot of this cross. In witness whereof we have signed the present certificate: " Francois Dollier, priest for the diocese of Nantes in Britanny; " De Galinee, deacon of the diocese in Rennes in Britanny.' " Father Marquette, another Jesuit missionary and explorer"

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  1. Future investigation is needed because there is a problem with the time line this Pierre would most likely be the father of the Detroit Pierre, if he is who I am looking for the birth day is wrong, but i will leave this up because i believe based on what my father said some almost 50 years ago i think there is a relationship