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Of the Land Deeds and Treaty's of one that I am Sure of the Signature of Jean Baptist (Bt) Sans Crainte or his son of the same name Is The "Treaty Of Greenville" . This Signature is compared to others that I believe to be valid for The father or Son, one or more of these Papers ( First Nation deeds) are probably attributed to both

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Treaty With Wyandot, Etc., 1795: The General Boundry Line

Monday, July 19, 2010

Location of the Ancient Wyandot (Huron) and Maumee River valley Indians, Just East Of Lake Erie

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When the impartial historian reviews the beauties and attractions of this country, the ease with
which the Indian could subsist, the sport of hunting and fishing, of paddling his frail bark canoe
across lakes and on the streams, running the rapids of the swift rivers upon whose banks their
villages were usually situated, where their children, in the limpid waters, sported like dolphins in
the long summer days, and the hunter slaked his thirst at the bubbling spring of pure, cold water
that could be found bursting from the banks, and the thousand attractions natural to the civilized
or savage man, who would not contend for such a country ? Would not civilized and cultured
man ? Surely the North American Indian might be pardoned, if not exonerated for fighting for his
home, his council fires and the graves of his fathers, that had not been already desecrated by the
foot of the stranger.

Jean Cuillerier dit Beaubien official Interpreter

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