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Of the Land Deeds and Treaty's of one that I am Sure of the Signature of Jean Baptist (Bt) Sans Crainte or his son of the same name Is The "Treaty Of Greenville" . This Signature is compared to others that I believe to be valid for The father or Son, one or more of these Papers ( First Nation deeds) are probably attributed to both

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Epic Shine


Epic Shine

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West Wind Spirit

Sunday, March 11, 2012

In My Song "Renegade Soldier"

In My Song "Renegade Soldier", I try and point out the Ambiguity in Simon Girty's story, and i find I may of added to it, but one thing is sure there are contrary accounts of him and in an effort to show my point i need to do future investigations, but the more i look the more questions i have, Simon Girty was called a Traitor to his country yet he was born in Indian country before the united States was born, Many of the fur traders had "country Wife's" Indian Brides, they bonded in this way , they also were tight amongst themselves and the Indian,  Many time young ones were adopted into the tribes and raised as one of them, as was Simon Girty, but there are  very complicated issues that culminated in this happening, what started out as a Drunken brawl between his father and and Indian Named the fish ended up in the vengeful death of his father and step father whom likewise avenged, but to complicate it further his second father was a lieutenant and had the family at the fort during an uprising in avenging the death of there fellow Indian they took the children and adopted them. I'm in doubt to the maternal parentage of Simon, he is described as having Black hair and Black eye, not the traits of the Irish Man, He is described as being a blood thirsty villain yet it is know that he saved life's and each side had there share of atrocities, It is stated that his father was tossed of off Indian land because of there complaints of the settlers yet he was a licensed trader had rented prop from
Thomas Mckee whom was the one benefiting on numerous occasion
we see that Thomas Mckee not only rented land but sponsored
Traiders, Including lending money to Simon sr for his grubstake.The
interesting thing about Mckee is his trading post was a key spot for
activity between the six nations and the authorities, they on at-lest one
occasion had meet there and the result of that meeting was that it was
clear that some people had preference with the Indians and
they were there to do business with them (the Traders) and the only ones
doing the forced removal was the Provential Authorities,outside there
jurisdiction, while appearing at the same time to enforce what else Taxation
I suspect tampering with this post 

Saturday, March 10, 2012


RENEGADE SOLDIER with and Indian bride what made you go to there side
Was it because you were one of them fight for freedom they say
But they burn you out of house and home one day
You can’t live with the red man trading furs on your land
Even though your mom is one of them and you were raised the same
They pick and choose in this game but you cant fool Simon Girty my friend
He warned the rest of them the want your land there not your friend
They do what they can they do what they did to me then they call you the enemy
When you flee long black hair with black eyes your face on the side of Girtys cliff
Was your home was you wish they took away even your pride
They say you’re the worst man alive but when the six nations 
Convened on the Maumee You were the only white man there to be 
Renegade soldier with and Indian bride
What made you go to there side

Monday, March 5, 2012

Renegade Simon Girty see post :Thomas Mckee (Indian Trader) is Executors of John ...

 Let me stop here for a second while the Author trashes this "renegade Indian"
 he more or less says he's an enemy to the Indians even though in his own words
 he admits that the image on Girty's rock is of an Indian, that his friend and
 fellow renegade Alexander McKee's was part Indian and that, pg. 117 bellow,
 The "Great Council of all the north-western tribes convened on the Maumee
he was the only White man admitted", further he goes on to call him one of
 the "most desperate degenerate character in history" but in his own words
describes his daring escapes and the fact that he was one of thee most
capable people in Indian country. And on page 114 below where he saves a
18 year-old boys life, I guess that makes him a coward, Maybe just the fact that
 when he was a boy he watched as the providential authorities burn down his house
Da, don't you think . Kevin Lajiness, (before you call me a Tory, My folks were on both sides of the coin, even between Father and Son).